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Master UMIC


In addition to the Color Masterbatch color chart, Pantone and RAL chart, we produce the most suitable quality according to the demands of our customers by physical and chemical tests of our customers' new and different requests or samples in our laboratory.

Sectors We Serve
  • Injection

  • Inflation

  • extrusion

  • Film, Raffia etc.

Usage areas

PVC Door profiles, PVC Window profiles, PVC Paneling profiles, Sacks & Big Bags, Durable Consumer Products, Bottles & Drums & Barrels, Electrical Materials, PVC Siding & Elements, Transport Cases, Automotive, Food Packaging, Pipes & Fittings, Cables, Bags, General Packaging, Toys, Household Items, Garden-City Furniture, Recycled Raw Materials and Other Products (Toothbrushes, cleaning brushes, sunglasses, combs, scissor handles, buckles, plastic folder covers, pens, drill - screwdriver bodies, etc., shoe soles, glass seals, doormats, artificial leather, credit cards, EPS & XPS foams, vacuum cleaner hoses etc. (PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS)

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