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Who are we?

About Us

Founded in 2008 to produce Ultra Micro U-PVC Masterbatches, our company continues to improve its product and service quality in its self-owned, new and modern facilities in Eskişehir Industrial Zone since 2018. In the process, it has managed to become one of the leading manufacturers in its sector with its experience, achievements, and innovative structure. With an experienced team focused on customer expectations, we provide professional service co-operating with the best suppliers, from production to sales and after-sales service understanding to ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding the expectations of our customers in a right manner.



As Color Masterbatch Ltd. Şti, we will carry out the necessary planning to comply with environmental legislations and other obligations, to protect and use natural resources in the most efficient way, to enhance HSE and to ensure continuous improvement. We would like to thank our customers and business partners who trust and support us, and to all our passionately working staff loving their jobs.

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Why Us?

Our basic features that make our institution stand out and create our difference are;

  • We hang on customers every word

  • To create solutions through effective analysis of customer requirements

  • Customer partnership

  • Our result orientation

  • Time sensitivity and urgent needs care

  • Being creative and proactive

Our Values;

  • Respect: Must for us. To society, our business, our employees, those we serve and nature.

  • Harmony: Our work, our ideas, and our team...

  • Excitement: Instinction will never end!       

  • Experience: What we have done is a guarantee of what we will do.

  • Time: We know the value of your time and our time.

  • Creativity and know-how: Our customized ideas and professional team.

  • R&D: Our steps that intersect with time. Our accurate and effective solutions that do not miss the target...

Our Quality Policy

The “Total Quality” Management approach;

  • The “Total Quality” Management approach;

  • International quality standards,

  • Better quality than expected

  • High performance capability,

  • At affordable price levels

  • Always on time delivery.

Our Targets

The “Total Quality” Management approach;

  • Our basic principle is to produce products that can continuously meet the current and potential needs of our customers, and our primary goal is to maximize the quality of our brand in national and international markets and to expand our markets.

  • To ensure our customer-oriented quality understanding, we attach special importance to providing all kinds of training opportunities and resources to our employees and to fulfil HSE requirements.

  • Our primary goal is to develop environmental awareness, reduce and safe waste management, prioritize the environment in planned investments and fulfil legal obligations.

  • One of our main goal, is to try to produce the most suitable product and the highest efficiency with the pre-sales and after-sales technical support provided to raise the technical awareness of our customers and to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction.

  • In order to realize these principles, our management will provide the necessary support to all our employees to increase the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System being carried out in our company.

  • To be the best and leading company in its sector, it is to prepare the appropriate infrastructure and environment for the realization and continuity of the above-mentioned policies, including Customer, Processes, Employee and Management.

Our Mission

Our main principle is “Unconditional Customer Happiness” with quality service and contemporary solutions. Color Masterbatch Ltd. stands by its customers with its fast and high-quality service by providing the highest benefit with the lowest cost from the production stage to after-sales service.

Our Vision

To provide high performance, reliable, safe and reliable products that meet customer expectations, to continuously improve the product range, to increase the domestic and foreign market share that will make a difference in competitiveness, to develop and market innovative and high value-added products and services by adapting to changes in technology and industry.



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